Welcome to the Aurora Strong Resilience Center

The Aurora Strong Resilience Center was opened in response to the Aurora Theater shooting to support anybody involved in that tragedy. We are a free place of healing that has many resources to help you get connected to the services you need.

We are currently overhauling the website. Please be patient as we work on making our website as user friendly as possible. In the mean time explore what we do have on the website, and please visit our Facebook page for updates and information about what is going on. Click here–> Aurora Strong Facebook Page or here –> Group Page Please ignore the Facebook link on the right side of the page as that is not the correct information. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at 303 739 1580. Thank you are hope all is well!

Aurora Mental Health sends our deepest sympathy and thoughts to the Las Vegas Community and everyone who was impacted by the recent events there.  We want to express gratitude to the first responders and mental and physical health providers who are helping to support the community. If you or anyone you know would like some support please reach out to us at Aurora Strong Resilience Center.


The tragedies that happen all to frequently affects us all, especially when our community understands firsthand the impact. Here at Aurora Strong Resilience Center we are sending our thoughts, prayers, good vibes, and healing powers to those who need it. Each individual person deals with and manages their responses and reactions differently. Our goal is to give you tools to support yourself and feel comfortable supporting loved ones who are effected by recent events. If you were affected by any tragedy in any way please don’t hesitate to call or come in to see us. We would love to give you our support in any way possible. For more resources and information on how to work through trauma and tragedy check out our resource page.