About Us

The Aurora Strong Resilience Center is a free place of healing for all those in our community whose lives have been affected by trauma of any kind.

All of us experience trauma in our daily lives, most are minor, but, while rare, a single traumatic event can be life altering. Many people will have no long-term affects, while others may carry the mental and physical scars from that trauma for days, weeks, months, even years. The Aurora Strong Resilience Center is a single source of free, direct services and resources for anyone to learn how to build personal resilience skills to help manage stress and its impact on their lives. The Resilience Center was established by a consortium of concerned citizens and organizations for anyone who is trying to build a stronger, healthier life and a greater sense of well-being after experiencing trauma.

The Resilience Center was founded for anybody and everybody who was affected by the 7/20 shooting at the theater. We have been, and always will be, there to support the people affected by that tragedy, and that will never change. Since then we have recognized many other people who have experienced a traumatic event who need our support, and now we are open to everybody who walks in our door. We strive to be a safe place where people can learn resilience skills to help them bounce back from difficult situations. We have a variety of free classes and activities that you can take part in, or check out our abundance of resources. Feel free to stop in and say hello!