Meeting Space Reservation Terms & Conditions

1: Without explicit permission from the Facility Staff, events must not continue later than 15 minutes after the time listed. Activity/ meeting preparations and clean up times are subject to room availability and must be reserved.

2: We are committed to providing free opportunities to community members, therefore, no money should be charged for any activities conducted at the Aurora Strong Resilience Center unless discussed with the Program Coordinator.

3: If refreshments are provided, you must do so on your own. Items in the area or refrigerator are not available for your use.

4: Patron is responsible for setting up and taking down the room for their particular use. Tables and chairs must be taken down and the area must be cleaned after use unless otherwise directed by staff (there is a fee if not done).

5: Patron must clean up and remove garbage following use. All garbage must be removed from the building and disposed of appropriately in the outside dumpster.

6: Patron must check out with an Aurora Strong Resilience Center staff member before leaving the facility.

7: Patron will provide a sign-in sheet and/or count of the participants who have attended the activity, meeting or group to the Aurora Strong Resilience Center Program Coordinator.

8: The possession, consumption, and/or sale of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or marijuana is prohibited at the Aurora Strong Resilience Center.

9: Patrons with reservations ending after closing (5pm Monday-Thursday, 4pm on Fridays) will be required to go through additional training with Program Coordinator.

This agreement can be terminated by either party with 30 day notice.