Responding To Tragedies


Resources offered at ASRC

After experiencing a trauma it is really important to process and take care of yourself. Here at Aurora Strong Resilience Center we have a lot of positive coping techniques that are self-empowering and proven to help stress and other symptoms of trauma. All of the activities you will find at Aurora Strong Resilience Center are focused on building resilience within and other positive coping skills that can be used to empower yourself in times that are difficult. They include yoga, acupuncture, therapy dogs, energy sessions, poetry club, arts and crafts, and more. Check out our calendar to see when they are available by  clicking here. Please come in to learn more and get involved. You can always contact us at 303 739 1580 or email

How to speak to youth about traumas and tragedies

It can be difficult as parents, or care givers, to talk to your children about tragedies and other traumatic events. These topics are inherently tough to talk about, and there is no one way to approach it. We are here to support you throughout this process, and can provide you with helpful tips and ideas on how to have those difficult conversations. You all know your children and youth the best, and here are some links on tips for how to talk to youth about tragedies and other traumatic events. As always if any questions arise please don’t hesitate to reach out at 303 739 1580 or email at

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 Responding to potential Triggers

trigger is something that sets off a memory tape or flashback transporting the person back to the event of her/his original trauma. We are all susceptible to being triggered by the many tragedies and events that happen throughout the world or close to home. Please know that you are not alone, and that there is a community full of wonderful people and supports. Here at Aurora Strong Resilience Center we are well aware of these triggers, and are trained to help cope with potential triggers you all might experience. These triggers look and feel different for all of us, and they will affect us in different ways. It is good to know yourself and understand what triggers you. What maybe triggering for me, might not for you. During these times of distress it is important to take care of yourself and become aware of what might trigger you so you can do your best to avoid those situations. Whether it is reading, seeing, or hearing about it, triggers are real and can affect anybody. It can be difficult to avoid triggers, but Aurora Strong Resilience Center is here to provide support and help you through these difficult times. We have resources to offer you immediate support at our C2C clinics located at 791 Chambers or 11059 E Bethany. No appointment needed, just walk in for same day service with a therapist. For more information call 303 617 2300. Feel free to reach out to us at 303 739 1580 or email at

Empowering yourself

 Empowerment is a means to focus your energy towards self-improvement and gives you the ability to build resilience. When we are living through tragedies and traumas it can be difficult to show resilience and feel like you have control of your life. These events are very powerful and affect us in all types of ways. Feeling empowered and strong can be a great tool to bounce back from these difficult situations. At Aurora Strong Resilience Center we can help. We have trained professionals to talk to, an abundance of resources to look through, and a diverse class schedule. Through all of these one can find the tools to feel empowered. We are here for the community and to support them in any way we can. This center is for all, and we want to provide anything we can to make it feel that way. We want to share the wealth of knowledge we have so you can take it home to share with others and spread all you can to the community. Here are a couple of articles that will give you specific ways to empower yourself daily. Start with taking care of yourself!

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 How can I get help now?

Come to one of our Connect 2 Care clinics located at two convenient locations. No appointment needed, and be able to see a therapist the same day. Open Monday to Thursday from 8 am -7 pm and Friday 8 am – 5 pm. Please come about one and a half hours before closing to ensure that you see a therapist. Services offered at the clinics include: community resources and benefits, therapy, quick help and support for clients, wellness services, and medication assessment and management .For more information call 303 617 2300 and ask for Connect 2 Care.

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Community Support:

If you are feeling lonely and like nobody else understands come on in to Aurora Strong and get connected with other community members. We have opportunities to volunteer, connect with others, talk with therapists, and join classes to gain support from others. We work with the Rebels Project and other organizations that have open arms. Just ask a staff member to get you connected. Our building is for the community, and we have lots of opportunities to get involved and can provide the community support you are longing for.